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Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

Coffee cascara is relatively new in the United States, but it has been used to prepare a beverages for a long time in some other parts of the world.

In Bolivia it is called Sultana, and in Yemen, it is known as Qishr, and it is known to be regularly consumed. In Ethiopia, the cascara beverage is known as Hashara. The people in these countries add different spices to make it more fragrant.

What is Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea?

As the name suggests, cascara tea refers to tea made from the fruit shells of coffee cherries. It is being made using the husks left behind after the removal of the coffee beans. After that, they are dried, which is resulting in a product similar to tea. Subsequently they are packaged and used to make a highly beneficial herbal tea.

In the past, once the coffee beans were separated from the fruit, the common practice was to discard the fruit and compost it.

Today, cascara is popular amongst not only the coffee lovers but also tea drinkers and consumers of healthy products, because the coffee cherry fruit contains a high amount of polyphenols. They can help managing blood pressure levels and keep your blood vessels healthy and flexible, promoting good circulation. As an additional benefit they also help reduce chronic inflammation, another risk factor for heart disease. Polyphenols can also reduce and help control your blood sugar levels.

Making Hot Cascara Tea

  • Place a half an ounce (about 3 tablespoons) of loose dried coffee cherry in a tea strainer. Pour 10–12 ounces of hot water (203-212 F) over the infuser.
  • Let the coffee cherries steep for four to seven minutes.
  • Remove the infuser and enjoy!
Hot Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

Making Cold Cascara Tea

There are two different ways to brew cold cascara tea. 

  • You can either brew it hot using slightly more coffee cherries and a longer steep time.
  • Let the tea cool, add ice and enjoy.
  • Alternatively, place 6 tablespoons of dried coffee cherries in 12 ounces of cold water and allow it to steep overnight (about 12-16 hours).
Cold Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

Where to get Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea?

If you are interested in getting the Cascara tea, we have our coffee cherry tea coming from our good friend and partner Ricardo Pérez Barrantes and his daughter Mariana who product it from the coffee cherries from their Santa Lucia coffee farm. Learn more about it and order your bag by clicking on the link.

Coffee General

Let’s talk about coffee blends

Creating coffee blends is like creating a recipe where we combine two or more coffees to strike overall balance, while at the same time producing complexity of flavors. 

We blend to create a perfect taste for a specific consumer segment, a type of brewing method (espresso, drip, aero press, french press) or a specific season (summer vs winter time).

The art of blending requires us to put a lot of attention to detail and to consider the coffee varietal, the density of the coffee beans, the country of origin, the processing method (washed, honey, natural, monsooned), the blending ratios, the roasting temperature, etc.

The first step in this process is to figure out the desired taste or the goal for the blend. This will determine the coffees we will be using and the estimated proportions.

Then, we do a sample roast of each individual coffee and cup it to evaluate the body, the aroma, the flavor, the acidity and the sweetness. It’s kind of like doing an X-ray! Different coffees have different tasting notes and performances in the cup.

Once we figure the potential of each coffee, is time to start the blending process. Imagine creating a recipe from scratch; it takes time and many trials.

We then also try the new recipes in the different brewing methods to evaluate their performance and how they are tasting on their own or combined with other ingredients like different types of milk.

Once we have found the perfect blend we bring it to you to enjoy and savor that new creation.

We hope this gives you some insights into the art of coffee blending and will spark your curiosity.

cup of espresso shot

All our shipping is carbon neutral!

We have maintained a commitment to sustainability and as a result, over 75% of our coffees and teas are Certified Organic, Direct Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified, or some combination of all three.

We support each of these three certifications and believe strongly in an inclusive approach to buying that accommodates the true diversity of growing conditions.

But it does not stop there. We want to do our part to reduce the impact our business has on climate change. And so, we make sure that all our shipping is carbon neutral.

We have established a partnership with Pachama to support the Jarí Para River Forest Conservation Project which allows us to neutralize the shipping emissions that contribute to climate change.

We are offsetting the total emissions generated by our shipped orders by acquiring carbon credits to neutralize the impact.

What that means for you is that now you are supporting an environmentally-friendly business that invests in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping with every order at Tico Coffee Roasters.

We know you have many choices to get your coffees and teas, but if you care as much as we do about the future of our planet. We encourage you to look for businesses that do their part to reduce the carbon footprint and help stopping the climate change.

Together we can make a difference!

Supporting the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest

Jari Pará, an avoided deforestation project, preserves 50,480 hectares of primarily virgin Amazon forest. The project, which aims to promote forest conservation and reduce potential greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), likewise emphasizes the importance of local economic development.

Over the project’s 30-year lifetime, it is expected to sequester nearly 15 tonnes of carbon emissions. To prevent illegal deforestation, the project has pledged extensive surveillance and monitoring.

The project provides habitat to at least 2070 species of animal (133 of which are endangered), and at least 340 species of plants (54 of which are endangered). Given the project’s location, it forms an important ecological corridor with surrounding Conservation Units.

Jari Pará also provides direct benefits to the hundreds of rural families whose livelihoods depend on the forest. The project runs a Technical Assistance and Rural Extension program to educate local stakeholders on sustainable agricultural practices. Further, Jari Pará uses revenue from carbon credit sales to build energy and communications infrastructure for the communities.

Some deforestation is detectable within the project since its inception, however, this appears to be uncoordinated and due to small farm activity, and is relatively minor given the project’s size.

However, over the past five years, both the project and region have experienced biomass decline as deforestation has increased. Moreover, given the current political challenges in Brazil, projects such as Jari Pará have experienced incredible pressure. Pachama provides remote data to the project developer to help address this threat.


New Mobile App Features

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our shopping experience. And now we have added some exciting new mobile app features.

Don’t have our mobile app on your phone? Here are the links to get it!

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Integration with Golden Beans Rewards

We have our Golden Beans Rewards program now fully integrated into our Mobile App and now you can check your rewards balance in the Account settings. And you can get additional Golden Beans by sharing your personal referral link right in the app. Your rewards are now right next to your order history and your subscriptions management.

Check your Golden Beans Rewards in the My Account Page

Redeeming your rewards is now also much easier. You can redeem your Golden Beans right during checkout by clicking on the rewards icon in the upper right and choosing your rewards coupon.

Redeem rewards directly in the cart

Faster checkout and easier to select local pickup

We have streamlined the checkout process for you and now you will be taken directly from the cart to the checkout without having to go through several steps. On the checkout page you then can select shipping or local pickup, choose your shipping address, payment option and your order will be right on the way to you.

Just remember when selecting local pickup you can only use the normal Checkout process or Shop Pay for Express Checkout. Currently Apple Pay and PayPal will not allow local pickup as a delivery option.

Have any suggestions for new Mobile App features?

If you have any suggestions for new features or things you would like us to improve in our mobile app, let us know. You can always send an email to Or just leave a comment here on this blog post.

We would love to hear what we can do to make your experience with Tico Coffee Roasters a truly unique experience.

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Celebrating International Women’s Month

Celebrating the trailblazers, the fighters, the loving, the nurturing, the teachers, the activists, the humorous, the rebels, and all women around the world.

As much as we make progress, there is still disparity and barriers that need to fall for women to be fully accepted and valued. This is a conscious and constant work that requires our full participation. 

The coffee world is one of those industries where still a lot needs to be done, to change the unconscious bias against women. This is the reason why we have created a coffee set to share more about women leaving their mark in the coffee industry.

We also will donate part of the profits to the International Women In Coffee Alliance. This is a non-profit that empowers women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives; and to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry.

My ask to you is, that you keep sharing with your network about the work we do to increase our purchases from women farmers. That you share about the invaluable work these women are doing at origin, and last but not least, share the choices they are making by dedicating their lives to learn, work and protect the legacy of their families.

Tag us on your post in social media with @ticoroasters #ChooseToChallenge to celebrate International Women Month!

Tico Roasters App users get early access!!

Starting today all our app users will have the opportunity to purchase the International Women’s Month coffee set FIRST.

The general public can purchase the set starting on Wednesday March 3rd, 2021.

With the app you will get early access to new product releases, special app only promotions and be the first to know about the latest news, new releases and tips about coffee and tea. You can download it on the Apple App Store and the Google PlayStore, just search for Tico Coffee Roasters and let the magic happen.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

This coffee set is a tribute to women. You will find two coffees from Costa Rica and one from Mexico.

Finca San Luis is a fully washed coffee from the famous Tarrazu region in Costa Rica, produced by Daniela Gutierrez and her family. 

Helsar Santa Lucia Patio Helsar comes from the West Valley region in Costa Rica. Produced by Mariana Perez and her family. This is an impressive natural coffee.

Bella Vista Mayan Women comes from highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Produced by a group of over 70 indigenous women farmers, exported and distributed by Rosalba Cifuentes of Mayan Harvest. 

Did you know that Tico Coffee Roasters is a woman owned business?

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Mariana 🙂 I was born in the coffee lands in Costa Rica. I grew up smelling the scent of the coffee flowers that bloomed with the first rain in April and the sweet aroma of the picked coffee cherries during the harvest season that started around November every year.

That beautiful landscape and the freedom we all had, the friendships, sharing amongst family and neighbors. Eating lunch under a tree in the farm while telling jokes, and sharing that anticipated cup of coffee in the afternoon; are memories that will forever live in my mind and my heart.

This is what Tico Coffee Roasters is about. The unique experience that empowers, protects and nourishes lives from farm to cup.


Happy New Year and may your cup always be full

We all made it to 2021!

We woke up with hope, positivity and faith of new beginnings, more unity and health for everyone. 

Is our deepest wish that you have an amazing and healthy year, with fun moments to share with friends and family and that our awareness, and love in and for humanity grows stronger. 

We want to thank you for all your support and messages during these though times. But hey! Now only looking forward!

Happy New Year!


Curbside Pickup Orders now available in the mobile app

The Tico Coffee Roasters Mobile App is available in the Apple App Store as well as in the Google Play Store.

Tico Coffee Roasters App on the Apple App Store for iOS devices
Tico Coffee Roasters App on the Google Play Store

How do I place a curbside pickup order in the Mobile app?


Local curbside pickup now available for online orders

Starting May 4, 2020 we are offering local curbside pickup for online orders directly at our Roastery in Campbell, CA.

Tico Coffee Roasters Curbside Pickup

Local curbside pickup times are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm and we typically have your order ready within an hour after the order is placed online.

How does it work?


We are making Shipping Carbon Neutral

Staying true with our values and our philosophy, we want to do our part to reduce the impact our business has on climate change. We are now making shipping carbon neutral.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Pachama which allows us to neutralize the shipping emissions that contribute to climate change. What that means for you, you are now supporting an environmentally-friendly business that invests in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping with your order at Tico Coffee Roasters.

We are offsetting the total emissions generated by our shipped orders and offset them by contributing to acquiring carbon credits for forest protection initiatives to neutralize the impact. This will make every order shipped carbon neutral.


Golden Beans Rewards Program

Rewarding you is our favorite thing to do! With the new Golden Beans Rewards program you will get rewarded for all the things you already do.


Moving from Magento to Shopify

We just completed our move from Magento to Shopify over the Holiday’s and wanted to share some of our learnings and our migration experience.

About Tico Coffee Roasters and our online setup

Tico Coffee Roasters is a boutique coffee roaster, that craft roast sustainable, exclusive and unique Grand Cru coffees in very small batches and imports only the finest teas guaranteeing product freshness and consistency.

Our focus as a business has been mainly around Wholesale, but over the last few years we also have established a large following through our Online Retail on our own website – – as well as on our presence on Amazon.

Reasons for the Move from Magento to Shopify

We have been using Magento for several years and have been happy with it, but what we have learned over the last few years is requires significant effort and programming to keep the system updated and smooth running.


Roast Logging with Artisan Visual Scope for better Quality Control

UPDATE: We have since this post originally appeared, changed out roast logging system from Roast Logging with Artisan Visual Scope to Cropster and no longer use Artisan Visual Scope. We keep this post in our blog as it is serving for several people as a good entry point how to implement a free roast logging solution.

We here at Tico Coffee Roasters have long been focusing on providing only the best coffees and most exclusive teas for a truly unique experience. All our coffees have been handcrafted since day one and we have kept a full roast log of every single roast to ensure consistency and the best possible quality of our coffee beans.

We are taking this now to a new level by adding a fully automated logging system to our roastery. We have been researching for quite a while to find the perfect system for our needs and have finally installed our brand new roast logging system based on the Artisan Visual Scope Software  created by Marko Luther in Munich, Germany. And it is truly just coincidence that our roast master is also from Munich, Germany.