Costa Rica Finca San Luis

Finca San Luis and the La Montaña de Tarrazu is a family farm producing an amazing coffee with brown sugar, chocolate and candied orange flavors.

We are super excited to bring back Finca San Luis from our good friend Daniela Gutierrez in Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Despite all the challenges with COVID-19, we were able to secure this lot thanks to our relationship with Daniela. And we have to say this years harvest is just amazing! It exceeded all our expectations and we hope you will love it as much as we do!

Finca San Luis and the La Montaña de Tarrazu Micromill is a family business, overseen by two sisters, Daniela and Tatiana Gutierrez, having taken over day-to-day operations from their father, Jorge.

Daniela handles day-to-day operations and is passionate about specialty coffee. She has learned about barista skills as well as roasting, and enjoys drinking the coffees that La Montaña produces. The sisters’ father is still involved in the farm, but the sisters are working in the commercialization of the coffee.

Daniela Gutierrez

Jorge acquired his first farm 40 years ago and he is still fascinated by coffee production. He has dedicated his whole life to growing coffee and his daughters are interested in following in his footsteps. “Coffee for us is our way of life,” says Daniela. “It is a job that we enjoy and that we are passionate about. Coffee is what we breathe and what we love to do.”

Coffee Details:
Grower: Daniela Gutierrez
Farm: Finca San Luis
Country: Costa Rica
Region: Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
Altitude: 1600 to 1800 meters
Processing Method: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

The Cup: This coffee has caramel, chocolate, orange and lemon flavors; it is sweet with a long lasting aftertaste and has a smooth mouthfeel.

Cup profile: brown sugar, chocolate, candied orange

Roast Level: Medium Roast Medium Roast

How to get Finca San Luis from Costa Rica?

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By Thomas Goepel

Head of Roasting and Quality at Tico Coffee Roasters and always hunting for the most unique coffees.

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