Moving from Magento to Shopify

We just completed our move from Magento to Shopify over the Holiday’s and wanted to share some of our learnings and our migration experience.

About Tico Coffee Roasters and our online setup

Tico Coffee Roasters is a boutique coffee roaster, that craft roast sustainable, exclusive and unique Grand Cru coffees in very small batches and imports only the finest teas guaranteeing product freshness and consistency.

Our focus as a business has been mainly around Wholesale, but over the last few years we also have established a large following through our Online Retail on our own website – – as well as on our presence on Amazon.

Reasons for the Move from Magento to Shopify

We have been using Magento for several years and have been happy with it, but what we have learned over the last few years is requires significant effort and programming to keep the system updated and smooth running.